Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Stop - Two Shops

Groups that schedule a visit down the hill at Green Endeavors often schedule a companion visit to our Market.  If we are notified we are pleased to arrange for a tasting session: salsas, special jams and jellies -- and of course, you will be able to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables.  We have an abundance of potatoes (on special this month), and the pumpkin season is just beginning.  Field trips, pick-your-pumpkin days, enjoy the sunshine.
We have a full line of food items, mixes, sauces, jams and jellies.  We are scheduling field trips for school classrooms, boy and girl scouts, home-schooled groups, families.  Call ahead and we'll custom design a visit for your group.

(And if you noticed the creatures on the salsa jars -- those are okra animals. Great fun for those who would rather "play with the okra than eat it.")

Go home with a pumpkin to carve -- or bake and eat. 

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