Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hellllloooooooo Everyone, From the Farmer!!!

What a crazy spring, someone needs to turn off the faucet. Nothing new though for Bass Farms since we were practically founded in the rain. We are still on time for delivery on this year's C.S.A.
which should start either the second or the third week of June. I am excited for the veggies as much as you probably are. I will post more on here all the time, just more convenient so please check back often. I will post all of the recipes on here too. We are opening the store on May 1st. We should have all of our jams and Local Honey in and have everything ready for you the customers.
Veggies will start to come in late may and should be going strong by mid July. Thanks to all of you who have purchased C.S.A.'s this year. It is great we are currently at 37, we hope to reach 80 this year. Tell all your friends, promote eating healthy!!!!Whohoo We are very close to planting!! Chris

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  1. C.S.A. members please check your datebook to see if you can come to the C.S.A orientation. This is great opportunity to meet the staff and learn about our farm and how the C.S.A. will be ran. Q&A


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