Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farm Update!

Things at the farm are changing fast. This is alway's a busy time of the year for the farm. We are hustling to  clean up some veggie patches and getting ready for the fall Harvest.  We are going to have a Fall Festival October 1st. So please mark you Calendars!!! BRING YOUR KIDS!!!! HAYRACK RIDES!!!  This is available to everyone so bring your friends. Their will be lots of pumpkins, squash & gourds. The pumpkin patch is super full. On September 24th we are picking pumpkins all day. So C.S.A members if you want to come hang out and pick some pumpkins with your kids or yourself you are more then welcome to show up. It is quite an experience. If you come help us pick we will give you an early pumpkin. From a crop standpoint we are finishing up with the summer veggie's. We should be through those in the next two or three weeks. Then everyone should get lots of squash & others...:) The Farm's new outdoor fireplace is done. So if anyone is interested in a private tour of the farm please call the store. This usually consists of a private hayrack ride, tour, & fire. Also many of the C.S.A members have asked how pumpkins will work & how many they get. Member's will all receive pie pumpkins in their box. Each C.S.A. member is allotted three decorative pumpkins, you can bring the kids out and pick them out of the field or off our hill in front of the store from October 1st through-14th. For sure items in the C.S.A this week so far, squash, brussels, pie pumpkins & others....

Thz Chris

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