Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farm Update: CSA Members


This week at the farm is going to be a busy week. We are going to be putting loads of springs crops in the ground such as cabbage, lettuces, Kale , Kohlrabi, etc...This is also a very exciting time @ the farm. It is the calm before the storm. Planting time is extremely intense on the farm, the weather plays a crucial role as we are waiting for the ground to dry out enough to run the rototiller. All our preplanning is crucial to a successful planting of the farm. We have to maintain our equipment to the highest standards to reduce down time. Every piece of equipment was customized for our farm. The plugs are HUGE, they are almost busting out of there trays at this time of the Year. It is amazing to watch a plant grow from seed to maturity. They grow ever so slowly in the greenhouse for a few weeks then all of the sudden it seems like they just double in size overnight! The Bak Choi I keep mentioning might be the most beautiful plant I have ever started. So it is happening this week. During Production which is now the store is only open from Thursday-Sunday. I personally work these days so come and say Hello and you can get your discount early because we are officially open for the season! Herbs are growing so for those members that drive by farm everyday feel free to stop by and grab some out of the bed. We really need to increase our membership base, I have many sleepless nights during this time of year. So if you know any friends that are interested let them know about us. We are family owned and ran. On a lighter note all of our members this year will receive a candle made from 100% soy wax that me and Martin hand poured they are awesome. They are scent free. I know that sounds kind of weird but I have chronic sinus problems and I love burning candles because of the ambiance they create in home. So If you have sinus problems and like candles they are great. Soy wax produces almost zero smoke. The C.S.A. orientation date is set for May 12th. Put it on your schedule. It is from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00. If you want to stay after bring a sack lunch. We are also planting the trees this week since they have arrived and if you want to take part shoot me an email or call cell 319-558-8199. Also if you purchase anything @ Green Endeavors you must show them your C.S.A. card to receive the discount which are getting mailed out tomorrow. I pulled a garlic head over the weekend to check on bulb development and they are really developing quite nicely. They also smelled great. I love the smell of fresh garlic.

C-ya Soon Chris


  1. I love your enthusiasm, Chris. The vegetables that Martin brought to the Ely Market last year were beautiful! I am very pleased with our decision to join your CSA this year so we can enjoy them on a regular basis.
    Mary Ballantyne

  2. Mary,

    I can't thank you enough for signing up. It means so much to all of us @ the farm. I am so glad that you will be eating veggies off of our farm this year. Thanks Again!



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