Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farm Update: C.S.A. Members

Hello All,

This time of year is hectic and I am extremely busy So I apologize in advance for not blogging regularly. It slows down during this time every year because I am wiped out when I get home usually. The farm looks amazingly beautiful. Check it out if you drive by. We have had a very successful planting thus far. We have not had any mechanical failures and the ground has been perfect to work with. One of our smoothest plantings to date. We also strive to get better every year and plan all winter for this time. The northern side of the veggie farm is totally planted. We have tilled, pulled the plastic and planted. The plants are taking very nicely to their new homes. Also the lettuce/Garlic/Onion patch is done. Better known as the ten pack a.k.a. ten rows.

Plants Planted In Ground To Date:

Sweet Corn
Pak Choi
All Herbs

This would include all sub-varieties within the strain.  I am sure you are all wondering how the bee's are doing and trust me they are doing great. I got stung twice yesterday. I think I got the tractor to close. They got very angry! I have sent the C.S.A cards out and a few of you have contacted me and did not receive, we will resend to those. Other then that it seems like most of you received the cards. If you have any questions about the cards email me or ask me at the orientation. This Again is set for May 12th, 10:30-12:00. I finally found free range eggs. This is good news for the farm. We will be receiving these eggs on Thursday mornings. They will be available in the store for your convenience!

Nothing but good news thus far, everything still in the greenhouse is growing like clockwork.

Thz Chris

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