Monday, April 9, 2012

How To Optimize C.S.A. Experience @ Bass Farms!

The C.S.A @ our farm is awesome. You must come out and see the farm to truly appreciate the work that is being done on a daily basis to build a better foods system for our local community. Since we have a C.S.A and they are all different I will give in my opinion on how to get the most out of ours.

When you get your membership card this allows thirty percent anything off in Nature's Harvest. This is good for the length of the season. So if you purchase jams, jellies, honey, meat & many other great tasting local treats purchase them @ our store because you will save money.

Member's also receive 10% anything off G. Endeavors for the season. Use this to your advantage.

Members Also Receive:

15lbs of additional produce for those occasions you might have family coming in.
20lbs of Canning Tomatoes (Upon Request)
3 Decorative Pumpkins (per member family)

Members will get the freshest herbs if they pick up their box @ the farm. The herb beds are available so you can have your pick.

Many people ask me about sharing. If works for some, and it doesn't for other's. Pick your partner carefully and always remember we do offer a half share.

Free Hay-Rides the entire month of OCTOBER!!!

Access to our Beautiful Farm for a Pic-nic with the kids
Access to our Beautiful Fire-Pit (Must Purchase Wood)


This is how I communicate. Please follow the blogs for corresponding recipe's each week and farm news.

Thanks Chris

P.S. MOST IMPORTANTLY GET TO KNOW US!!! We love Growing Food For YOU!!!!

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