Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Farm Update: C.S.A. Members!

I'm Back,

Sweet 99% of planting is done. I can breath now. Everything is going great and I have great news. We are officially starting the season on June 7th & 8th for pick up & home deliveries. Rockwell drop-off will start the following Tuesday which I believe is the 12th. This will be the first week of distribution. This is one week sooner then last year. This is due to the continued unseasonably warm weather. If you are wondering if the irrigation has been going to good use, it has been! All of the vegetable beds are growing quite nicely. This has been a great year to have vegetables grown in raised beds because of their ability to hold moisture in.

Week 1:

Bak Choi (This looks Amazing!)
Heirloom Lettuce

I will post more as things grow to update the list. We might have new potato's just depends on how much moisture we get. It might be the second week before we start harvesting potatoes. So stay posted on week 1 items because their could be others. Now that we are beginning I will start posting recipes on my blog that correspond with the items in your box. This will help you optimize your experience with our C.S.A. So check blog for recipes. Also the Glads I planted have already sprouted their shoots! We have not put the iris bulbs in yet but we are going to soon. Hope everyone is as excited as I am.

Thz Chris


  1. Yay!! I am so happy to be able to support your efforts!

  2. What time is the pick-up at Dr. Terri Cooper's Wholistic Wellness Clinic? Thanks so much!


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