Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Difference Between A full Share & A Half Share!

Full Share:
This is a share that is excellent for families. The amount of food that is typically in this box will provide enough veggies for the average family of four for a week; two adults, two children. We don't grow everything so this might not supplement all of your veggie needs but most. Example: Pineapple LOL!
This share is distributed every week, Thursday and Friday! Their are only two options for price, delivery and pick-up. If you pick up at a drop point IT IS THE SAME PRICE AS PICK UP AT FARM. This is the beauty of the drop-point. Please try to support these local businesses that go out of their way to provide a drop-point. The farm does not compensate any of these drop-points. They believe in what we are doing and want to spread the word.

Half Share:
This is a share that is excellent for someone who just wants to get their feet wet first before diving in. A half share will typically provide enough veggies for two people for a week. Their are two options for a half-share. We implemented due to customer demand and increases in gas prices. I hate oil.

Option 1:
You can pick up a full size share every other week. This is for people who don't live close to the farm but still want to support us and eat chemmi free veggies.

Option 2:
If you don't mind coming to the farm every week. We will give you a half share every week. Which is half the amount that a full share members gets. Thus will feed two people.


Yes their are some pro's and con's to both options. If you eat a lot of herbs I would recommend coming to the farm every week. You can pick your own at the farm. They are right where you get your box and we have an outstanding array of normal and exotic herbs. Option 1 pro is that you get more produce at once and save a little on your gas bill.

Drop Points
Rockwell-Collin's (Cedar Rapids,Ia) Delivered Tuesday by Bill Maurer.
Whollistic Wellness (Boyson Road) Thanks to Dr. Cooper. Arrives Thursday 3:15 (Only Thursday)
Alphagraphics (North Liberty) Thanks to Nick Tallman Arrives Friday 3:15 (Friday Only)

* You get to select these options when we have our C.S.A. Orientation.

Thz Chris

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