Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Farm Update! Current C.S.A. Member's

Today was another busy hectic day on the farm. I arrived at the green house @ 4:30 a.m. I have trouble sleeping this time of year. Mostly due to all the green children I am raising. I forgot my key, I was super bummed out. So Martin drove to the farm and bailed me out so I could get in the greenhouse. This morning we seeded another 65 flats of veggies.(Many Varieties of Peppers & Tomato's). My greenhouse is just exploding at the seams with life. Then we went to pick our potato digger up and our trailer was too narrow. So we will be picking that up another day. This weather has the herb bed starting to get crazy. Their are actually garlic chives 6 inches tall already. Not normal, but very cool. The veggies that are above the surface are loving this heat and are growing rapidly. They will be ready just in time to put in the soil. We are watering all of the plugs with a solution of kelp and water. We use a water soluble kelp which works great to feed the plants and is certified organic. We will be seeding again tomorrow as well. Also the BeeKeeper has brought me the honey from the hives it will be available when we open. I have sampled a little bit ;) and it is good.

Thz Chris

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