Monday, March 19, 2012

Farm Update! Current C.S.A. Member's

Well I finally have time to sit down and let everyone know what is going on at the farm. I have been so busy I have been zapped of my inspiration to blog. It is extremely busy @ this time of the year. It is like conducting an orchestra. So far we have 174 flats with veggies growing in them. Their is 72 plants in each flat and we are seeding another 100 flats tomorrow. The ginger has arrived from Hawaii & it has been planted in special tubs for ginger. Ginger grows best in the greenhouse in a container. There are a lot of containers. The type of ginger that we will be distributing to our members will be baby ginger. Considered the highest quality. It is going to be great! The flats that we have seeded so far are in excellent health. We have a really effective starting system that we use on the farm to start our seeds, well before we put them in the ground. Quite Amazing to see them grow. I wish I had a time-lapse camera:) The spuds have arrived all 1500 pounds of them. We will start cutting these potatoes into three's and then place them in a tub until they go in the ground. It is best to let them sit after you cut them so they have time to scab over. This take 4-7 weeks. So all of the seeds have arrived. I just received the last package of rosemary today. I am not one to toot my own horn but the variety and selection this year even amazes me. Never thought we would be doing all of these wonderful things. The garlic crop looks pretty good we uncovered a small test section yesterday. Scapes might be here sooner then we thought. It is also possible depending on the weather that we could start distributing a week or two early. Don't get too excited I can't control the sun. So far everything is on schedule. This is great news starting the new year.
Even though it is warm we will not put in our warm crops before the frost free date, it is too much of a risk. As I have stated in the previous blog I have been making candles like a maniac in my free time this winter. So far we have made three different types. We are going to sell them at the store. We use soy-based wax. Made in Iowa, YES! Tomorrow is another busy day me and Martin are going to pick up our new "used" potato digger. New to us anyways. This is going to be great on the back, very excited. Also tell your friends to sign up we have plenty of spots available and they are going to spend the money at the grocery store anyways. Might as well send those dollars locally. Next time you are at the store check the tag on the produce and most of the time it is not grown in the U.S. We need a community of 150 members and there are spots left. So please don't wait until the last minute! Anywho thanks for listening to my rambling. I will blog again tomorrow night and post pictures tomorrow on face book of current growth of plants.

Thanks Chris

P.S. Lets Start A Food Revolution! :) Eating The C.S.A. Way = The Right Way

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