Thursday, August 4, 2011

C.S.A. Update

I have gone through and edited the posts, I changed the names of them so you could see the whole tagline. Also I will be posting five new recipe's shortly. These will help you cook some of this food over the next few weeks. Please all the members that pick-up, there is still an abundance of baking zucchini on the stand. Please take extra and bake away or freeze these wonderful vegetables. What is not taken off the rack tomorrow will be donated to the mission of hope on 1st Avenue. The habanero peppers are on the rack in the store. I chose not to put them in the box and let you guy's grab them because some of the member's have kids and I don't want the kiddies to eat them on accident. They are HOT!  Well I hope that you all enjoy this week's box.

C.S.A. Week 9

Cherry Tomatoes
Green Peppers
Sweet Corn
Habanero (ON RACK)

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