Monday, June 4, 2012

C.S.A Week 1! (Items)

Well this first week looks quite bountiful. We will be enjoying many wonderful items that are gourmet in quality and chemical free. Don't worry if you have not had the item before I will post corresponding recipes with the items that you will receive on this blog. This is going to be a wonderful season!

Week 1 Items:

Bak Choi
Gourmet Lettuce (Red & Green)
Green Onions
Miscellaneous Herb's
Brocoli (It is absolutly beautiful)

Since we don't spray any pesticides on the garden! We ask that you wash your lettuce in the sink & soak it for roughly ten minutes to clean. Then dry on a paper towel. The lettuce will last quite a long time in a sealed zip-lock bag in the crisper!

I know everyone will thoroughly enjoy their first box as I personally inspect every box that go's out and am extremely guilty of sampling everything as I walk the fields in the morning. We will distribute only the finest quality of the vegetables the farm produces!

Thanks Chris

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