Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C.S.A. Week 2

Hello Again,

Week Two is finally here. We will have lots more Kohlrabi due to the weather and exceptional growing season for the cold crops. Please enjoy these fruits of the land. They are abundant. Also we will be distributing lettuces, and finally broccoli for everyone. The broccoli crop has come on and we are going to pick. I know that some boxes last week had some random broccoli and Cauliflower those were distributed @ random. Those were the early adapters;) The crops mostly mature around the same time. 

Week 2
5-6 Kohlrabi
Bag of Lettuce 
Bag of Broccoli

Now I decided not to cut the onion shoot's on our onions. After talking to a few different people, my conclusion is that cutting the shoots on the onions will hinder the growth development of the bulb.
Please wash the lettuce when you get it home. We cut the lettuce and bag it. Also when you come to the farm this week please check out the ground. The tadpoles have grown legs and are walking all over the farm. They are everywhere just take a peek at the ground when you pick up your box this week at the farm. I hope you all enjoy this week's vegetables!!!

Thanks Chris 

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