Saturday, June 4, 2011


Hello everyone,

Growth on the farm, has instantly exploded. I love it, please check out the picture's that I post on my twitter account <> or check them out on facebook .

This is such an exciting time of year, life in the ground has really taken hold. The broccoli and cauliflower our showing sign's of life. There is head development. This is great. WE will have these on our plates SOON! Lettuce looks so good, I will tell you my girlfriend snuck some fresh lettuce on my sandwich for dinner, and it was great! CSA members we will have announcement tomorrow that is great news for the hungry. THIS IS THE LAST CALL FOR C.S.A. Signup for 2011. We will not accept anyone after  MONDAY!!!

Pumpkins and winter squash are scheduled to go into the ground on Monday. That includes Butternut and acorn. Also Tomatillo are in. I forgot who I planted them for but they are in. If that is you :).

Also thanks again to Jane Fischer for donating a three generation family strain of rhubarb. It is not available for sale although it has settled in nicely in my hill. Thanks Jane.

The sweet corn again looks good. Today we started our phase two of flaming our weeds. It went great, one of the more exciting jobs on the farm.

Thanks For Listening,


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