Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prolonging Produce from your C.S.A.: (Week 1)

This week there will be lettuce in the boxes. I want everyone to receive extremely fresh-tasting produce. So please unpack the box as soon as you get home. Wash the lettuce and store in crisper in a plastic bag. It will keep the longest this way. We grow many different strains of red and green lettuce. Also there is an abundance of Kohlrabi. If you don't plan on utilizing the Kohlrabi leaves remove the leaves and discard. Kohlrabi can also be stored in the fridge until they are ready to be prepared. Store the Kohlrabi leaves the same as you would lettuce. Onion shoot's will be good to cut up and use in the lettuce if you plan on making a salad. To maximize C.S.A experience always unpack and store produce right away. Never leave your box in the sun or in the car. It will just turn out to be a mess;)



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