Tuesday, June 14, 2011

General Farm Report:


Crops are looking good. The kohlrabi are getting larger and so far have not tasted woody. I think this might be due to the weather patterns and spring staying around. The lettuce is very large and looks great. If you have driven by or pick up your box at the farm you might have seen that we cover our lettuce with a netting. This is to keep the sun off our lettuce. Lately in the morning's we have seen little rabbits trying to figure this stuff out covering their food. It has been funny, because they can't figure it out.
Work this past week has been pretty hectic on the farm. We mowed and flamed all the weeds in the front of the farm. The area looks great. Also I almost forgot about the great news that our pumpkins and winter squash have emerged. They are slowly coming out of the ground. Beans & cucumbers are growing nicely and have a little while to go. Cabbage also is looking good as well.
The waterways that we established this spring look better and better everyday and have been clearly put to the test. I am becoming a master at making water go where I want it to go. It is amazing what can be done with a little bit of grass seed and some  erosion control blanket. We don't have a drill on the farm so we just seeded our waterways with a push seeder. It worked sufficiently. I pulled one onion today and they seem to be developing nicely.


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