Wednesday, July 25, 2012

C.S.A. Week 8!!! ITEMS!!!!!

Well week 8 is already here. It is going to be another great week. I am so glad that it is raining right now. I stayed up just to make sure we got it. The heat today was pretty unbearable, possibly the hottest day since I started farming four years ago. I picked lots of items this week on the farm. This week will be the first distribution of our Orange tomato's. They are great and the size of a cherry tomato. Also this is the first week that we are distributing watermelon as well. They are really sweet and the perfect size for a family. Plant growth is still moving along, it slows in the heat but is moving along none the less. Irrigation is working smoothly as always. I figured it would rain tonight because the farm purchased a commercial size sprinkler to help out the pumpkin patch. I spent three hour's today getting parts and hooking it up. I am sure it will come in handy somewhere. It will shoot a stream of water 150 feet. It could be used to put out small fires it is so big. I hope everyone is enjoying their boxes this season. It has been a great year for learning. I have never experienced anything like this drought before.

Week 8 Items:

Sweet Corn
Summer Squash
Orange Tomato
Green Tomato
Red Tomato
Zuc or pan squash
Beans (maybe depends If I get enough picked in the morning.)

We are taking a week off from potato's as our digger is getting prepared for maintenance and service.

Chris Bass

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